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Recess is a privilege and should be an enjoyable time for all students. The playground rules must be followed by all students to ensure the safe play and enjoyable recess for all. Parent volunteers provide supervision and school personnel. Classroom teachers review these playground rules periodically with students.

  1. 1. Students are to keep their hands to themselves (no wrapping arms around or hanging on to other students).

  2. 2. Students should use proper language, be courteous and respectful towards other students and adults at all times.

  3. 3. No fighting is allowed; this includes pushing and shoving (especially during football, basketball and 4-square games).

  4. 4. No put downs or name calling allowed.

  5. 5. Jump ropes are for jumping and not to wrap around each other (especially around necks).

  6. 6. Only whiffle balls and whiffle bats are allowed on the playground.

  7. 7  No leaning on or touching the fence in any way; and stay off the roofs.

  8. 8. No bouncing balls off the church, school, garage, fences, fire escapes, roofs or windows; balls will be retrieved by an adult at their convenience.

  9. 9. No games, books, music, papers, etc. from the classroom or home to
    be used on the playground at recess time.

  10. 10. No food, beverage or gum is allowed on the playground.

  11. 11. No leaving the playground area.

  12. 12. All games and activities are open to everyone.

  13. 13. No jumping over the posts around the playground equipment.